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June 2023

Виртуальный день открытых дверей

Вы решаете, какой университет вам подходит? Мы предлагаем возможность познакомиться с ААУ онлайн! Наши виртуальные дни открытых дверей позволяют вам узнать, каково это — учиться на английском языке в старейшем частном университете Праги, который аккредитован чешской и американской аккредитацией. Наша приемная комиссия расскажет о наших программах, студенческой жизни в ý и ответит на ваши самые важные вопросы […]

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Virtuální Den Otevřených Dveří

Rozhodujete se, která univerzita je pro Vás ta pravá? Prozkoumejte, jaké by to bylo, kdybyste studovali v angličtině v mezinárodním prostředí se spolužáky z více než 80 zemí! Chápeme, že osobní návštěva kampusu není pro každého možná, nabízíme Vám proto možnost seznámit se s ý online! Náš virtuální den otevřených dveří Vám umožní zjistit, jak […]

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In-Person/ Hybrid Open House

Are you deciding which university is right for you? Explore what it might be like studying in English in an international environment with classmates from over 80 countries, all at a school with top Czech and American accreditation! In-Person/Hybrid Open Houses are an ideal way for you to experience first-hand the value of ý education […]

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Graduation Ceremony 2023

This year’s graduation ceremony will take place on June 30, 2023, in the beautiful Národní dům na Vinohradech. All graduating students should keep an eye on their emails – there are important details to come! Dear Graduating Student, Congratulations again on finishing your studies! Find below important information regarding the Graduation Ceremony 2023, we look […]

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Alumni Mixer 2023

Open to all new graduates, alumni, staff and faculty, join us in celebrating the latest additions in ý Alumni. This special event occurs at Radlicka Kulturni Sportovna, on Friday, June 30th from 7 – 11 PM. Join us for fun, good food, and great memories. Remember your time at ý with fellow alums, and welcome […]

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October 2023

IFRS Conference 2023

The School of Business Administration at Anglo-American University and Department of Financial Management at Metropolitan University Prague organize the 11th edition of the International Scientific Conference “IFRS: Global Rules & Local Use – Beyond the Numbers”. This event is HYBRID and will take place on October 19-20, 2023 at Metropolitan University Prague. About the Conference […]

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